Environment Policy

We believe in making a differenceAt Ice River Springs, we understand the value of protecting the environment. That’s why we do more than just recycle. As members of the Canadian Bottled Water Association we are committed to practicing and promoting the responsible and sustainable use of water.

Sustained by the natural cycle of rainfall and snowfall, our water is a renewable resource. But it takes careful planning and respectful practices to ensure it stays safe and healthy. We provide habitat for wildlife, maintain cold stream temperatures, and keep the aquifer clean by planting luscious new trees on our properties, every spring. We also never use any pesticides, herbicides, or chemical fertilizers on our lands. All the products we use in our plant are food grade, and our lubricants and cleaning products are vegetable based.

As the largest employer in Feversham, Ice River Springs is proud to be adding value and providing job opportunities to the rural community where our precious resource is located. We send a warm thank you to our communities for their support.

Sandy and Jamie have focused on environmental friendly initiatives for many years including planting 70,000 trees on their lands since 2000.

Ice River Springs closed loop, bottle-to-bottle recycling plant opens in Ontario.