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Our company vision: "To be the leading environmental beverage company in North America"

Ice River Springs is delighted to provide you with the highest quality natural spring water from our protected natural springs.

With a concern for environmental sustainability that goes far beyond just our source—extending into every facet of our business from our processing plants to our neighbouring communities—we’ll be supplying pure natural spring water for generations to come. We also offer more than just spring water. With a lineup that includes purified water and distilled water, we're all about providing our customers with a variety of refreshing options. And because we are a fully integrated manufacturer we can offer you even more competitive prices. Refreshing, don’t you think??

There's enough plastic in the world today - We just need to find ways to REUSE it.
Ice River Springs Water

"With closed loop recycling now in operation, we are the first beverage company in North America to produce a 100% recycled bottle from self-manufactured resin"

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